The Continuing United Methodist Church

In her blog post of January 2023, Bishop Lanette Plambeck shares her vision of who we are as United Methodists, as linked:

In his blog post column of January 6, 2022, Bishop David Bard shares this article, The Joyful Journey:  Walking in Rhythm into a New Year. In the column, the bishop suggests four virtues appropriate for living in the rhythm of God’s grace in 2022. “As I think about what that might mean for 2022, four virtues come to mind, virtues always appropriate for a life lived in the rhythms of God’s grace, but particularly pertinent for this coming year: curiosity, compassion, creativity, and courage.”

For the entire column, please follow the link:


A statement made by the Council on November 4, 2021 begins:  “United Methodists all over the globe are liturgical, contemporary, charismatic, social activists, urban, suburban, small town, rural and much more. We are children, youth, young adults, senior adults, new Christians, and mature Christians. We are present on four continents, in more than 45 countries, and we comprise an unknown number of cultures and languages. We are a holy communion of different races, ethnicities, cultures, and perspectives united by the Holy Spirit, driven by the mission of Christ, and bearing the good news of an unmerited grace that changes lives and transforms communities.”

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