Who Are We?

The United Methodist Church of Peace

Built at 64th Street between Washburn and Xerxes Avenues on the Richfield-Edina border and dedicated in January of 1958, Church of Peace was chartered with seven families, members of Oakland Avenue Evangelical United Brethren Church who lived in the vicinity of this growing area on the edge of Minneapolis. With the merging of the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church in 1968, Church of Peace became The United Methodist Church of Peace.

The Mission of the United Methodist Church : “To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

The Purpose at Church of Peace“Our congregation exists to exemplify by word and deed the love of Jesus Christ to all people and specifically to our community through loving relationships.”

Musings from Pastor’s Office:

Reflection on My Three Days at Walk to Emmaus

                    First of all, Walk to Emmaus doesn’t involve extensive walking. It’s intensive soul work over the weekend. It’s not a 5k walk but a spiritual retreat. You may remember a story about two disciples who happened to walk with Jesus. Two disciples were headed to a town called Emmaus. They were disheartened by the crucifixion of their master, Jesus. They were so saddened, and out of despair they couldn’t recognize the risen Lord. When they arrived in the town, two disciples asked Jesus to stay for the night. When Jesus broke the bread, their eyes were open and they knew the person who walked on the road with them was Jesus. Two disciples got up and went back to Jerusalem telling other disciples that Jesus was risen. The story of this walk to Emmaus is about a journey with Jesus and transformation along the way. It’s a powerful story of rediscovered joy from despair and sadness. It’s a story of the power of the Eucharist that opens our eyes.

The Walk to Emmaus event will make a safe space where you have a true fellowship with new good friends and you will experience hospitality that you would never experience elsewhere. You will also have incredible life-giving testimonies of believers. The first day, someone will come to your door to pick you up and take you to where Walk to Emmaus takes place. Chatting with a new friends on the road is part of the exciting event. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by your sponsor who pays for your dinner! Night worship followed by the practice of silence over the night will bring the first day to the end. When I woke up next morning at a bell, the pilgrims were gathered in a prayer room. We did a morning devotion. After breakfast, we were grouped in small groups and I belonged to the table of Matthew. Each day, we had 5 short presentations and at night each group played their group projects based upon those five stories. We had enough time for reflection and discussion. We had times full of laughter and tears of joy. We had powerful testimonies and prayers. The night before the last day, we had a full dinner escorted by ladies. Last day, we were led to a sanctuary where all sponsors and friends were waiting for us with candles in their hands. We shared brief testimonies and good-by parting words. Before departing the place, you will receive a bundle of postcards and letters from your friend, family, and people you love. It’s what your sponsor did for you. I have seen people shedding tears in reading those letters and cards.

Disciples are not born naturally. They are intentionally called out, invited, and formed. Walk to Emmaus is a great tool where we are formed into disciples of Jesus. If you want a life-changing experience and to meet others on the journey, come and join one of Walk to Emmaus.

–Blessings in Christ!

Rev. Dr. Woojae Im

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