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Special Item Collection for Families Served by VEAP

UMW Project to Benefit VEAP Families—The Church of Peace United Methodist Women group is sponsoring a project which will benefit families who go to VEAP for food and family needs. For the month of October 2020, Church of Peace will be collecting these items:

· Bags of Flour

· Bags of Sugar

· Vegetable Oil

· Peanut Butter-Crunchy or Creamy

· Mayonnaise

· Diapers for infants and toddlers—sizes 4, 5, or 6

As you know, what with the pandemic, the needs are great! Please bring your items to church on a Sunday in October or drop them off during the week when the church is open.

Special Note for United Methodist Women

Church of Peace

Typically, at the December yearly planning meeting, funds are collected to send to the district for both Pledge to Missions and Emma Norton Services. Pledge to Missions donations go to help empower and improve the lives of women, youth and children in the U.S. and around the world. Emma Norton Services provides housing for single women at the residence in downtown St. Paul and for single women with three or more children in Maplewood MN. Many programs are offered to these women and children to help them reach their goals of independence and self-sufficiency. Specific directions for donating by the November 21 deadline can be found in the Sunday bulletin announcements starting October 25. Thank you!